Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Ils - Soul Trader

iLS, aka Illian Walker, is a breakbeat producer and DJ, born and bred in west London and author of one of the most important and revered albums in breaks. Soul Trader totally encompasses what iLS music is all about. The distinctive 'live' breakbeats, warm bass and deep, atmospheric strings all combine to make iLS one of the most admired breaks producers around.

In 2002, the Soul Trader album was released to critical aclaim. This was an album you could listen to at home as well as on the dancefloor. A masterpiece, flowing between uptempo breaks monsters and relaxed, soulful breakbeat.

Soul Trader still stands out as an amazing album to this day, a reminder to the world of what breaks has to offer. Great music. It is, quite simply, an album any serious music lover should have in their collection.

Meanwhile, iLS continues to deliver, having just released his 4th album 'Paranoid Prophets', shortlisted for Best Album at the Annual Breakspoll Awards 2008. [edit: it won!!!]

The Soul Trader album has also seen a recent re-release, complete with new artwork, added remixes and DVD video extras.

The first track on the album, 6 Space Next Level, has become a breaks classic, combining sad strings and deep bass sounds to create a beautiful, powerful and energetic monster. Instantly recognised by breaks fans the world over, you can check it out for yourself:

iLS - 6 Space Next Level (Vinyl Recording) [download]

iLS - Soul Trader

  1. 6 Space (Next Level)
  2. Are You Ready?
  3. Prohibition
  4. Only Way To Survive
  5. Find A Way
  6. Western World
  7. No Soul
  8. Feel Alright
  9. Kashmir
  10. Music
  11. Jackpot
  12. Trapped
  13. No Soul [High Contrast mix/DVD]
  14. Music [Evil Nine Punk Rock mix/DVD]
  15. 6 Space (Next Level) [video/DVD]
  16. Only Way To Survive [video/DVD]
  17. No Soul [video/DVD]
  18. Trapped [video/DVD]

Please support the music by buying the product if you like what you hear. The Soul Trader album is available to buy in most shops, but can be ordered from
Amazon, where there is a good collection of iLS' other releases. Or you can download just about any release on iTunes, if you so wish.

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Tipper - Tertiary Noise

Dave Tipper is a British electronic music producer and DJ, well known and admired in the breaks community for his glitchy, experimental breakbeat productions. He is also the founder, along with Richard Warren, of Fuel Records - one of the pioneering labels of modern breaks.

Tipper's production skills are without question. Drifting between mellow, progressive, atmospherics and snarling, deep basslines, his music frequently utilises surround sound technology to devastating effect. Combined with characteristic glitches, twists and deep bass, it is intelligent and beautiful music that concentrates the ear and mind. For more than a decade, Tipper's music has grabbed attention, pushing technology and sound to new levels, whilst maintaining a distinctly underground feel.

In what may be his final outing in the world of uptempo breakbeat, Tipper has released the Tertiary Noise album, filled with re-edits, remixes and tracks that were, until now, guarded exclusives.

Tipper - Tertiary Noise
  1. A Touch Of The Vapours
  2. Re: Am Ing The Light Fantastic
  3. Swipe (Dub)
  4. Deez Bass Lessen
  5. Liquid Shoes
  6. Ferlong (Si Begg Mix)
  7. Lock The Geometry
  8. Bindle
  9. Carousel
  10. Unitizer
  11. Pollka
  12. Multiplexus
  13. Dissolve (Si Begg Mix)
  14. Open The Jowls (VIP Mix)

To accompany this release, Tipper has recorded a rare DJ mix of the tracks, available for purchase along with all the individual tracks at the wonderful Addictech store. A short extract of the mix is provided below to give an idea of what to expect.

Tipper - Tertiary Noise DJ Mix (Sample) [download]

There is also an extensive back catalogue of Tipper productions, available for download at Tipper's mini store at Addictech, or at Amazon if you prefer a physical product.

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Everybody loves breaks

I first heard about breaks (or nuskool) as a genre in about 2002, at about the same time I got a tax refund and realised I could finally afford my first pair of decks. Although, it's quite clear that I loved breaks music a long time before I was bothered about what it was called.

At the time, it has to be said, breaks was being championed as the next big thing. Over the next few years, the shops were rammed with records, the review sections and charts in dance publications were growing and it seemed like everyone in the industry had great things to say about the genre.

Rather inevitably, the hype began to dissipate and breaks sank back to the underground without ever breaking the surface. This always surprised me, as breaks seemed to be so diverse and inclusive of elements from other genres. But, in hindsight, perhaps that diversity was its downfall.

It seems fair to say that the breaks fraternity has often struggled to come to terms with precisely what breaks is.

Or what isn't breaks.

And it all seems to centre around a simple beat pattern.

Of course, rather than trying to pin down exactly what makes music 'breaks', it would make a great deal more sense to showcase the music and allow it to be heard. Hopefully, this will allow people who know about breaks to find new artists or tracks to investigate, whilst spreading the sound to people who don't.

At heart, breaks is just great music, with an incredible diversity that can fit most situations.

Breaks has something for everyone and everybody loves breaks.

They just don't know it yet...

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